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Mixerblocks Power Supply, made by Total Audio Control

Power to the blocks!

A very well designed and clean linear supply, it can power up to XX channels and the docking block. Mixerblocks is powered by a dual rail 15 V supply and contains an additional 48 V phantom power for condenser microphones.

This power supply can give a current of maximum 2.5 A or 3.8 A. Below is a table indicating each type of block’s current draw. Use it to calculate the current draw for any configuration.

Block Type | Current draw

  • Docking | 0.5
  • Basic channel | 0.12
  • Extra effect send channel | tbd
  • Extra effect send dock  | tbd
  • Extra submixes channel  | tbd
  • Extra submixes dock  | tbd
  This power supply can be configured by a switch to work with either 220V or 110V.

Technical specifications

  • Supply: 2.5 or 3.8 A
  • Voltage input: 110 V/ 220 V
  • Voltage output:
    +15 V
    -15 V
    +48 V
  • Max current draw: 2500 mA

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  • Power supply assembly manual