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Introducing The Dirt Magnet

The Dirt Magnet is the second installment of the Arkive_Effects_ series, bringing a new collection of classic sounding effects, extended with exciting expression and modulation possibilities. Just as before, each module has been analyzed and tweaked for creative misuse, and this time they’re all stereo!

The Dirt Magnet contains two VC LFOs, a noise generator with a Band-Pass Filter, a crackle generator with a High-Pass Filter, a ring modulator, a VCF and a real-life cassette-tape Delay. 

You can use and abuse any and/or all of the effects to add noise or crackle to your sounds, ring modulate them, filter them, or delay them using the Tape delay. Any chaining combination is possible, as this collection of sound generators and analog effects comes with independent inputs and outputs.

Using the two included LFOs or the modulation source of your choice (or both!) you can also modulate the noise generator’s filter, the crackle generator’s density, the filter and the speed, feedback and panning of the tape delay. The LFOs themselves are digital, allowing a wider frequency range, more waveform shapes, as well as MIDI syncing. 

The magic grunge of The Dirt Magnet sticks to the hypnotizing cassette-tape and is ready to transform your sounds into grainy, warbled and modulated soundscapes. Pretty is overrated! In our search for unique sounds and new uses for classic effects, we devised The Dirt Magnet as a playground for raw & expressive sonic explorations.


2x CV LFOs

Just as before, a pair of LFO modules are included to serve as a starting point. However, The Dirt Magnet’s LFOs are digital, so they now sync to MIDI, have a wider and stable frequency range, and can generate more waveform types.

These LFO’s are not identical, though: LFO 2 has an extra Offset parameter.

Each module contains:

  • CV-controlled Speed & Symmetry
  • 1 CV Output & 1 Inverted output
  • Speed controls
  • 5 waveforms, including Envelope
  • MIDI Sync
  • Phase offset


This noise source is intended as an additional starting block in your sound explorations. Use it to create sound effects, hi-hats (paired with the LFO’s Envelope waveform) or anything else that requires a dash of  noise…

To allow for precise and dynamic control, the noise passes through a BandPass filter with CV modulation. The audio from the inputs, if present, is mixed with the generated noise, allowing for easy layering.

  • Stereo
  • CV-controlled Level, Frequency & BW
  • Band-Pass Frequency
  • Band-Pass Bandwidth
  • Level


Just like the noise source, this crackle generator is here  to help dirty up sounds before or after passing through the other effects.

The crackles’ density can be controlled by a knob and CV.

This module also features a High-Pass filter. The audio from the inputs, if present, is mixed with the crackles, allowing for easy layering. 

  • Stereo
  • CV-controlled Density & Level
  • Hi-Pass filter
  • Level

Ring Modulator

This is a simple analog ring modulator with the classic audio signal input that gets modulated by the carrier CV.

Simple as it is, this effect can be very creative depending on the modulation it is fed…

  • Stereo
  • CV Carrier input
  • Signal
  • Dry/Wet Mix


This filter is a variation on the well known MS20 VCF and we chose it for its raw sound. Then, we made bite.

The cutoff can be modulated and, if set to self-oscillate, it can deliver deep kick sounds.

  • Stereo 
  • CV-controlled Cutoff
  • Resonance

Tape Delay

This tape delay uses a replaceable cassette tape loop. It contains a stereo input preamp with tone control and a stereo modulatable VCA in the feedback loop. The tape’s speed is also CV controllable.

  • Stereo
  • Input Level control
  • Tone control
  • CV-controlled Speed, Feedback and Panning.
  • Ping-Pong switch
  • Dry/wet Mix knob
  • Removable & customizable cassette-tape in a bespoke cassette.


Modulate the dirt

Building up on the Arkive_Effects_ principle of opening up effects you thought you knew, The Dirt Magnet has the same appetite for modulation as The Dust Collector…if not bigger!

This time, *all* of the effects have been opened up by adding CV modulation for the relevant parameters, thus bringing these apparently simple effects to a new playground.
Check this out: 

  • LFOs. Two CV outputs, one inverted output as well as a CV input for speed control, and one for symmetry modulation
  • Noise. CV-modulated Level and Frequency & Band-width for the Band Pass Filter.
  • Crackle. CV-adjustable Density and Level
  • Ring Modulator. CV-modulated Carrier 
  • VCF. CV-modulated Cut-off
  • Tape Delay. CV-modulated, Speed, Regen, Pan
  • Bi-colour LEDs to help you visualize modulation, as usual.


Removable Tape cover

Watch the tape deploy its hypnotizing waves and respond to CV-control

Bespoke cassette shape

Unique shape designed for protection and  easy tape-loop replacement 

Thick, Type I cassette-tape loop

Thickest we found, reduced wrinkling. Every unit is shipped with spares.

Customizable, replaceable tape loop

We’ve adjusted the loop’s length for efficiency, but you can experiment with other tape types, lengths etc.


  • The Dirt Magnet User’s Manual (coming soon)