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Mixerblocks Extra Bus Blocks > Channel, Dock

the routing matrix

These blocks are used to add four more signal buses with individual balanced outputs and inserts to a Mixerblocks console. {photo connected}
Just like the channels and docking block, there are two types of blocks used to add extra signal busses:
  • The extra busses channel block (XBUS-CH), connected to a channel strip:
    • Four routing switches for each of the buses (with a LED indicating an active routing {photos solo MDF+metal}
  • The extra buses docking block, connected to the docking strip and to which the XBUS-CH row connects:
    • Four bus output gain sliders (each with with a clipping LED),
    • Four Left channel routing switches (for each bus),
    • Four Right channel routing switches (for each bus),
    • Four balanced output jacks (for each bus),
    • Four insert jacks (for each bus). {photos solo MDF+metal}

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The dock circuits are all on one big board to which a small board is connected. The small board connects to the power connector and also contains the inter-channel connector.

Power supply

Mixerblocks is powered by a dual rail 15V supply and contains an additional 48V phantom power for condenser microphones. Any +/-15V and 48V power supply can be used if enough current can be drawn from it to power all blocks in the configuration.
You can buy the power supply here.

Stack them up

Stack them up
You can add as many extra busses as you need (limited only by the current draw from the power supply) in order to achieve the configuration you require.


Two types of enclosures can be chosen for Mixerblocks: a laser cut MDF version and a sheet metal one.

The MDF gives the console a very unique and inspiring look. This version of enclosures interlock using “X” shaped design elements on the top and bottom of the blocks.

The sheet metal enclosure(coming soon) looks quite traditional but it makes a Mixerblocks console more durable and road-ready as well as giving it a better electromagnetic shielding than the MDF version. These enclosures are screwed into place.


  • Current draw
    • X-BUS channel: 120 mA
    • X-BUS dock: 100 mA
  • Bus amp gain: -60 … +10 dB
  • Bus output impedance: 
    • unbalanced: 70 Ω
    • balanced: 140 Ω
  • Dimensions:
    • Channel
    • Dock
  • Weight:
    • Channel
    • Dock


Coming soon!

  • Extra Bus blocks manual
  • Extra Bus blocks ass’y manual
  • Extra Bus blocks enclosure ass’y manual
  • Extra Bus blocks DIY ressources