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What makes Mixerblocks different ?

Mixerblocks was designed with the vintage analog studio consoles in mind and it aims at re-creating their workflow in a personalised configuration. It’s certainly not for anyone looking for an entry level “do-it-all” mixing console.

However, if you need a complex, high-quality console that you can expand at any time, with completely customisable channels (be it features or sound), you have come to the right place and the Mixerblocks will fulfill your routing desires: 

    • You can mix and match channels to suit your exact instruments, microphones, effects and routing configuration.
    • Because Mixerblocks is modular and evolving, you won’t have to sell your old mixer to buy a new one each time you want to change your studio’s configuration, you can just buy the channels you need or a row of extra effect sends to add to your existing console.
    • In case any module (block) malfunctions it can be removed from the console and it can either be fixed (by you or us) or simply replaced, allowing you to always have a functioning console in the meantime.

I like the Mixerblocks concept, but I think it’s too complicated for me to assemble it correctly, do you have any solution for me?

Yes, we do!
While we encourage everyone to learn DIY and build their own gear, we can also supply mounted consoles, built to your specifications. In this case we’ll also assemble any future modules you might buy and you’ll only need to connect them to your console.
Get in touch and we’ll work something out.

I want to make my own case.

If you have access to a CNC laser cutting machine, the design files for 2.5 mm thick materials will be coming very soon and I am very greatful for you patience. If you want to use materials with another thickness, you’ll have to adapt the design.

If you’re not sure about how to do it, you can ask a question on the forum or get in touch through this form.

What tools will I need to assemble the kits?

The kits have all SMD parts preinstalled and only require the through-hole components to be soldered, meaning even beginners can successfully assemble these kits.

You will need a soldering iron, solder, side cutters, a set of screwdrivers. A digital multimeter is not required, but would be useful if you would like to test the DC voltages.

Can you point me to some beginner tutorials about soldering and DIY electronics?

There are many tutorials to suit every learning style. We recommend EEVblog’s channel for Dave Jones’s complete, clear and to the point videos that don’t forget the fun side of things.  This video and this video are probably the best place to start and work your way from, covering basic electronic lab and soldering tools.

Those small SMD components already mounted on the boards seem hard to service/change...

Indeed it may seem so, but only until you get a magnifying glass! These components are actually easier to solder and desolder than through-hole ones, but the chances you’ll actually have to change one of these components is very small.

To learn how to solder and desolder SMD parts, you can watch these videos:

Are Mixerblocks available anywhere else other than the Finegear e-shop?

In order to offer our products at the smallest possible price, the Mixerblocks products are only available at our e-shop for the moment. As an introductory offer, we ship for free anywhere in the world.

Do you offer refunds for orders?

We can refund any enclosures and any unmounted kit.

My kit was missing a part / a part arrived damaged.

We’re really sorry about that. Please contact us, making sure to put “shop” in the subject field, and we will replace any missing or damaged parts for free.

I accidentally damaged a component from a kit.

Finegear can send you replacement parts; you’ll just have to pay the shipping. Please contact us to request replacement parts.

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