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we make fine gear so
you can make music

Finegear creates hardware and software electronic music  instruments with a focus on musicality and high quality sound. We want to push forward the limits of available musical production instruments in order to answer the needs of musicians looking for a more flexible creative workflow.
When it comes to electronic musical production, the time has come for the “software vs hardware” debate to reach a common denominator.

It’s all gear, anyway. 
Finegear’s is modular, alternative and user-defined:


Sometimes, innovation stems from just breaking down instruments into their basic blocks and reimagining their interaction and usability. Modular then becomes another word for evolving, highly customizable, adaptable instruments.


Many electronic musicians want to push their creative process further than what is achievable with standard electronic instruments that are currently available. Finegear is inspired by and listens to unsatisfied gear geeks, builders and users alike.


We are committed to involving our users in the conception of their future instruments. Finegear invites electronic musicians, home-studio dwellers, audio engineers, tech-oriented DJs, sound apprentices and just about any interested sonic explorers to express their visions of what fine gear can be!